If you’ve ever set type by hand, you know how time and labour intensive it can be.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could ‘set type’ in seconds instead?

We introduce The Chase Base.

The Chase Base is a solid piece of cast aluminium that when  combined with a plastic-backed KF152 Photopolymer Printing Plate (PPP) and double-sided adhesive will bring your plates to type high and help you achieve that tangible deep impression much sought after by discerning stationery lovers and brides to be.

The Chase Base comes in four popular sizes to fit an Adana 8×5, Arab Foolscap Folio, Arab Crown Folio and Heidelberg Windmill.  All bases are 21.79mm high, anodised for protection with a black gridded pattern to assist in registration and that can’t be rubbed off.

Each base fits inside it’s recommended chase leaving enough room to comfortably fit furniture and quoins, they are these specific sizes to assist in the prevention of any added stress on your press.